Get industry-ready with i++

Want to get trained in relevant engineering skills required to meet the needs of internet-scale consumer-product companies? We’ve got you! With i++, learn from the best in the business, today.


About the Programme



  • 12 weeks is all it takes to complete our virtual course.

  • Convenient weeknight and weekend schedules to work with.

  • Become unstoppable by learning from the best in their fields!


Industry relevant curriculum

  • Become proficient in Golang, AWS, Kubernetes and other relevant skills to enhance your back-end development skills.

  • Gain access to a unique curriculum tailored especially to fit the current market standards.



  • Attend live weekly lectures & AMAs, take masterclasses, and get trained by our highly competent, knowledgeable mentors at Swiggy.


Boost your career

  • Step up your career and upgrade your skills by getting certified by Swiggy i++ and enhance your proficiency in Software Development.

  • Opportunity for a job offer from Swiggy for successful students.



  • Freshers with 0-4 years of experience with a basic knowledge of coding can apply to join our course.

  • No matter where you are, Swiggy i++  is easily accessible and fully online.


the cost?

  • While a nominal fee will be applicable, a key need is of your attention and focus

  • Full scholarships will also be available for a few.

Application Process





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Fill the Application form

Submit the assessment task

Attend sessions and submit case study

Get ready to have your career transformed!

Graduation of i++ Jan 2022 Cohort

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Immadi Uttej

These sessions have really motivated me to not just be a developer who codes but also be someone who can efficiently plan a day's work in such a way that there is no rework in the future. By listening to the swiggsters, I've understood that being a person who takes initiatives and not be scared of experimentation are the most important qualities to take things to the next level.


Pooja Sethia

​Most of the concepts are explained with the help of examples. The sessions are really informative and gives us a good knowledge about architecture perspectives.


Rishabh Mishra

Just few months back, I thought of learning Backend in depth. I was doing great with Nodejs, but still wanted to try some static language like Golang or Java. Along the line Swiggy ipp cohort announced, I knew it will be hard to manage internship at Paytm and cohort at ipp. But the timings, masterclasses and every little little details were already well thought by ipp Team. The cohort is literally designed for learning how to write industry standard Backend using Golang. We started with experimenting Golang fundamentals, within few weeks we build a Monolithic project, further breakdown to into microservices architecture with GRPCs and Kafka for sync and async communication internally. Most awesome part was final project. Our team was able to build the entire application with maintaining Industry standards and deploy it to EC2 instance. Final Demo went awesome. It isn't possible to build these stuffs without amazing peers!


Aaditya Khetan's

I had a remarkable journey with Swiggy IPP. The curriculum was very carefully curated, the program was well-planned and it provided me with a platform to learn best practices in software development at an early stage of my career. The technical knowledge gained during the program helped me immensely in landing a job at Swiggy itself. It built a foundation starting from the basic concepts to taking us through complex and widely used technologies in backend development. Also, the project-based learning helped me to strengthen the concepts with ease. I strongly recommend this program to everyone looking for a successful career ahead.


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